Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
( ADHD )

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder varies according to gender, age and ethnicity. Approximately 6-9% of children and youth are identified with AD/HD.

Characteristics of AD/HD include intellectual functioning in the average range, impaired academic achievement and challenges associated with behavioral, social and emotional functioning. AD/HD has multiple cause with heredity, structural differences in the brain, and environmental causes.

One trained therapist work with children who have a diagnosis of AD/HD.

Communication Disorder

Communication disorder relates to the components of the process affected speech, language, or both. RIFE USA works very closely with the clients to do the effective therapy for communication disorders.

Emotional & Behavioral Disorder

Individuals with emotional and behavioral disorders manifest emotional, behavioral, social, and/or academic characteristics that are chronic and severe and adversely affect their educational performance. They might exhibit characteristics of anxiety disorder, mood disorder and oppositional deficit.

Multiple Disabilities

The term multiple disabilities defines a diverse group of people whose common characteristics is the severity of their education need.

Students with multiple disabilities have impairments in intellectual functioning, adaptive skills, motor development, sensory functioning and communication skills.

Primary causes are tied to biological consideration particularly genetic one occurring during prenatal development.

One multidisciplinary team works in collaboration to treat and help children with multiple disabilities.

Intellectual Disability

Intellectual disability consists of significant limitations in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior, it originated before age eighteen.

The limitations are intellectual functioning which includes memory, generalization and motivation. The limitations in adaptive behavior include conceptual, social and practical skills. Our behavioral therapist work in collaboration with the team that improve the intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior.

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Our team of experts includes behavior specialists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and skill development coordinators. All our therapists and tutors works in collaboration to help children reach their maximum potential.

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